Save up 50% in your bookings ! and other OTA’s charge you at least a 18% of each booking the get. Now you can save part of this money with our excelent service based in Search Ads.

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Our main objective is to maximize revenue through direct channels driving a qualified and motivated audience to your website with best recommended media channels.

We will target those audience that are nearly in the purchase funnel; those consumers that are searching for your property specifically

Also with remarketing campaigns, we will target those who may have been to your site and left without making a booking via graphical  display remarketing.

Furthermore, we can help you increase your bookings searching into the upper funnel part, targeting audience that are searching related to your location and local attractions.

Our proposed campaigns has one main Goal, to reach as many as possible potential customers throughout the whole customer journey, driving them away from OTA’s and leading them back on the property official website.

3 main Objectives

1 – Decrease Dependency OTA

The main focus is to maximize investment in brand terms for each property, to ensure ownership of search results page when potential bookers are searching for your property in Google.

2 – Awareness Campaign Vs Increase Direct Bookings

Second main focus will be Display Remarketing on Google Content Network serving banner ads to unique visitors who have previously visited your site, but for whatever reason, did not book. to increase qualified traffic back to the property´s site.

We will highly recommend Social Media Remarketing Campaign on Facebook ads, will show to all users, that visited the hotels website in advance. This may show on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

There is also other channels that can work for depending what goals do you target (Tripadvisor, Adara, Sojern, Bing, Kayak, Youtube …).

3 – Acquire New Customers

Finally, we invest in upper funnel keywords to attract new potential clients to the site.


Bear in mind that because we are utilizing multiple strategies in order to accomplish your goals and needs, we need to go deep in data such as ALOS, ADR and other main KPI’s to accurate the required minimum recommended budget for this holistic campaign.

More Bookings

Steal bookings from the competition and other destinations. Inspire people to travel!

Better Bookings

Shift share from more expensive channels such as OTA’s and Bedbanks to your hotels’ direct website


We understand your objectives and identify areas in the purchase funnel to optimize your investment.

keyword Tools + Adwords + Analytics = ROI


Global Hotel Experience

We work for and understand the Hospitality ad industry all over the world

Digital Expertise 

We fully understand the all path to purchase for hotel buying users


Using your Analytics, Hotel and market Data we can empower your Digital Campaigns and understand better your customer journey.